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We love making strangers cry. And we're very good at it.


We pride ourselves in capturing all the intricate moments of your day, especially the ones you may blink and miss. We are very discreet and we believe in capturing these moments naturally, which gives us a very organic feel that separates us from many of our fellow filmmakers.


We want you and your loved ones to relive your wedding day in a way no other medium can provide. We strive to capture every meticulous detail and special moment in the most inconspicuous way, while you relish the moment.


Memory can fade and pictures don't always tell the whole story or capture every tiny emotion. With Winter & Rain Films at the helm, you'll be reliving those memories as if you were there all over again.


Video is truly unique and it's an experience you do not want to miss and we hope our films speak for themselves.

We love what we do and we'd love to make something meaningful for you.


 - Nathan & Lisa




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